Important NOTE: All our classes are for all fitness levels.

We provide modification per person. Even though it maybe group class, its small groups to make adjustments dependent on your personal needs all while you are having FUN and getting RESULTS. Change in the making!

Kickstart your day!:
This early morning class will have you feeling pumped all day. Kickstart will have you jumping rope to pumping iron. 45 minutes of hard work that will have you saying, "who needs morning coffee?"

Personal Training:
Offered with high professional passionate certified trainers for all fitness levels and ages.

Rock it out and UP:
This is a 30 minute class using the rock wall.  All levels welcome.  Feel the burn while you try to decide where your next step is.  Build confidence, strength, coordination, balance, endurance and lean muscles. We will have you rocking the rockwall in no time!

Small Group Circuits:
Generating your own energy but in a small group class with a personal trainer by your side the entire time to keep you motivated and hold you accountable. Fun obstacle circuits to keep it fun. No more feeling uncomfortable in front of a large group. It’s a comfortable and FUN atmosphere that gets you results.

Active Forever:
This is a designed group fitness program specifically for the enhancement of older adults which promotes camaraderie and social wellness for all levels. The program focuses on 4 principles, strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and toning. These areas are the keys factors to prevent numerous of diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, premature aging and brittle bones. This class also provides Enormous benefits of increased blood flow wellness and longevity. Taking this class will help delay or prevent many other diseases associated with aging. Like diabetes, colon cancer, heart disease, stroke and other complications of aging. Promise besides improving your health, you will have so much!

TRX suspension class:
Is applied foundational movement-based training techniques across other modalities such as, kettlebells, heavy ropes, Rip Trainers, sandbags and more. This class is for ALL levels and ages. Burn and Shred with us!

TRX Rip it Up:
Rip Training variable resistance exercise is a multi-faceted approach to lean muscle, strength and cardiovascular conditioning that challenges you in all three planes of motion every rep, every set, every workout for ALL levels and ages.

Group Youth Fitness:
3+ Get your kids moving and unplugged. Educating kids that being HEALTHY and FIT is cool. Class gets kids moving with high energy music, learning the fundamentals of fitness safe and effectively using their own body weight. Fun obstacle courses including a FUN ROCK WALL to increases balance, coordination, agility and energy. Parents/Grandparents encouraged interaction in the class.

Teen Fit:
13+ Class designed for teens to get moving and have fun with either their friends or parents. High energy instructors allowing teens to have fun while getting fit. These classes reduce teen stress through fun movements, circuits and rock wall climbing. Class builds confidence and overcome their personal limits. Increases strength, reduces fatigue, mood swings that all teens experience. When your teen leaves this class he/she will be feeling like a different person. Helps motivate your teen and change their mindset. We encourage parents to join their teen in this fun fit class. Lead by example.

Strength Training:
Our Strength training will provide you with functional benefits while you get stronger muscles improve posture, better joint support, reduce the risk of injuries from everyday activities and so much more. No more boring Strength classes we have integrated a Fun Rock wall class as well as FUN floor strength conditioning classes to build those muscles all while you are having fun.

Boot Camps:
Programs are designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of intense group intervals from beginner to advance fitness. Some camps take place inside, but also outside; allowing you a variety of scenery so you never get bored. When you leave this class you will walk away feeling empowered and you can accomplish anything.

Functional Training:
Functional training are develop exercises which allow individuals to perform the activities of daily life more easily and without injuries while losing weight, building lean muscle, and most importantly builds confidence.

Sports Performance:

Youth 9-11
Main focus at this age is to teach the proper muscular movement. To prevent youth athletes from injuries so they can have long term enjoyment of sports participation. This training teaches the fundamentals of running techniques, agility, balance, speed, endurance, and mobility. Strength training is taught by using the athlete's body weight and small external loads. This coaching will help your youth enjoy their sport more with less frustration and will lay the foundation for advanced training in the future. 

12 - 14
this program focuses on progressing and maintaining athletic movement while refining and ingraining the fundamental skills. This goes beyond wind sprints and max bench press. It is designed to encompass everything it takes to be the best athlete you can be psychically and mentally. The program trains you in change of direction, acceleration, and top speed mechanics. A high priority of training is focused on strength and power development skills; along with conditioning, core stability, balance, coordination, and mobility. It includes proper nutritional plan to perform at the highest level. This leads to permanent and positive athletic change! 

this program advances beyond the basic skills and prepares athletes to not only dominate in the high school years, but to be ready for the next level as well. Explosive movements, stamina, and mental toughness are fine-tuned at this level. Proper nutrition is also a high priority to maximize gains and minimize recovery time. 

Sports performance training is not just improving in the sport, but it also helps build confidence and discipline on and off the field. The ultimate goal of this program is to create top level athletes that recognize the importance of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice to reach their potential. 

Always adding new and innovating classes. If there is something special that you think you like please stop in and talk with anyone of our trainers. We are here to build programs around YOU to get YOU the results YOU want to achieve.

Check us out on FB, call or stop in and check out class scheduling and this very innovating interactive fitness studio. Try any classes for FREE.

Our costs are affordable for any budget and family size. Please stop in or call for rates. We have classes to fit your budget, and busy lifestyle.

IN short, it’s a workout that works you SMARTER. Not harder…and definitely not longer while you gets results and have FUN doing it!


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