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Zero Pounds Holiday Challenge




Our Track Record of Success has been astonishing: Empowering local families and staying on track during the Holiday Feasting Season. 


The holiday season is known for its challenging "Eating Frenzy" – but don't worry, we've got you covered. This challenge is designed to help you stay accountable and motivated.


Those who make time for fitness in the month of December are more likely to stay on track for future months? It sets the tone for the New Year. Do not wait till January to get back on track, 92% of people who make New Year’s Resolutions fail, 98% who start in December succeed in January! Help yourself for the New Year and reduce your stress during the holidays by staying on track. BUT it's also a time of year to GIVE.

28 day challenge



16 classes on 16 different days

Weekly Weigh ins - from the comfort of your own home, sent via email to your accountability coach.


Maintain your initial weight from start to last day.

stay on track

Keep the Scale Steady from now until December 19th! Our goal is to avoid weight gain. If you put on any pounds, there's a $2 donation per pound/week to the Family in Need Donation Pot. But if you maintain your weight, Funatics Fitness will contribute $2 per week on your behalf to the donation pot as a reward for your dedication! 


Attend at least 16 classes on 16 unique days!  As a bonus, all participants get unlimited classes (glove rentals not included) as a gift! If you miss the 16-class target, you will make a $15 donation to the Family In Need donation pot.


Let's stay active and give back together! 


Stay on track from your own home with easy weigh-ins sent to your accountability coach. For each missed weigh-in, you'll donate $5!


1st weigh-in: Sunday, November 19th

YES, just before Thanksgiving

Weigh-In Dates (by midnight):

11/27, 12/4, 12/11, FINAL 12/17


see below how to submit photo submissions


28 Day Holiday Full Challenge Rules 

Maintain zero weight gain (or lose lbs) during the Holidays to give to a family in need!


A Fun Challenge that Gives Back to Your Local Community


Join Funatics Fitness to help a family in need by helping yourself! Stay on track during the hardest eating frenzy time of the year – with a lot of accountability and skin in the game. Your participation includes unlimited classes! Open to both men and women 16 years of age or older.



Challenge starts Monday. November. 20th.

Initial Weigh-in Sun. November 19th., from the comfort of your own home

Final weigh-in and Last day of Challenge, is Sunday. Dec. 17th.

Weigh-in submitted from the comfort of your own home via email to 

$29.99 Donation for FF members.

$99.98 Donation for non-FF members.

100% Donation proceeds benefit a family in need.

Your donation includes unlimited classes!

Required minimum of 16 classes (on 16 separate days). 


Accountability & Donations

1. Weekly weigh-in is done via email from the comfort of your own home.  On these specific dates via email by midnight to Before or after the specific dates photo submissions will be disqualified. You donate $2 for each missed weigh-in.

**Here's how to submit your weigh-ins: Two photos. One showing your entire body and face on the scale, and another with just your toes displaying the scale weight. Make the subject line of your email your First/Last name, along with the weight matching the scale photo. That's all! Email your two photos to Let's keep it simple and stay accountable!

2. Required minimum of 16 classes total over the 28 days on separate days. You donate $15 if you miss the required 16. No show/late cancel policy applies

3. Final weigh-in: Funatics Fitness donates $2 for every pound total you lose. However, you will donate $2 for every pound you gain each week from from initial weigh in.

Help a Family BONUS! 

FF will donate $2 to the family in need fund for participants on your behalf  who show zero weight gain, as a reward for your dedication!


Double Bonus 

Participants who successfully complete the challenge without any weight gain, photo submissions weekly and attend a minimum of 16 classes on 16 different days will have the chance to win a fabulous Funatics Fitness Gift Basket valued at $100! 


*no show/late cancel policy applies

Let's stay accountable, active, on track and give back together!!

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